Project Management and Knowledge Worker Productivity

Centris has highly efficient solutions for improving project execution and collaborative work management. Our processes harness the full potential of your organization and concentrate it on achieving your key objectives. You accomplish more priority work in less time and at lower cost.

Our processes cover the complete range of project execution and collaborative work management for technical and task oriented knowledge worker areas.

Centris has highly effective solutions for project management. Our processes quantifiably improve schedule performance, project quality and cost.

We provide consulting expertise coupled with technology-enabled performance solutions that significantly enhance existing process and systems. The result is more reliable project outcomes, improved customer relationships, increased margins – and of course, a lot less stress.

Centris has unique solutions for improving collaborative work management in white collar and knowledge worker areas. Our processes harness the full potential of your organization and concentrate it on your key objectives. You accomplish more priority work in less time and at lower cost.

Our technology-enabled management processes deliver significant improvements in collaboration, organizational capability and productivity.

Centris has deep experience with large-scale engineering and program management organizations. Our Engineering Execution Excellence – E3 methodology enables these people to reliability deliver project outcomes on time and within budget.

The E3 processes, coupled with our unique technology-enabled performance solutions increase productivity, improve quality plan performance and optimize schedule performance. The result is increased competitiveness and consistently improved financial performance.


WorkLynx is a unique, easy to use solution that improves project execution and delivers more reliable outcomes. It provides near real-time project information in aligned, level-appropriate dashboards. The dashboards are configured specifically to your requirements. Each person has the information needed to work most effectively.

Like all of our solutions and services, WorkLynx is supported by highly effective implementation and change management support. As a result, Centris delivers higher quality projects, on time and at budget.

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CView is a highly effective process for improving productivity in task oriented knowledge worker areas. It efficiently aggregates, organizes and prioritizes workload then aligns it with capacity so the right people work on the right things at the right time. You have real-time status of progress, issues, productivity and staffing requirements.

CView significantly improves visibility, accountability and communication, which translates directly to improved operations and business performance.

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Our E3 process improves project quality, schedule and cost for complex engineering areas. It provides highly efficient diagnostic and assessment tools to identify key areas of opportunity along with the framework to develop the roadmaps and change management strategies to realize required outcomes.

Centris Supports E3 with highly effective implementation, training and change management to provide sustainable performance improvement and an outstanding ROI.

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