Performance Assurance for Project Management


When to Consider WorkLynx

  • Slipped Schedules and Missed Due Dates
  • Unexpected Costs and Budget Overruns
  • Limited Visibility on Status, Performance and What
    to Focus on Now
  • Limited Ability to Proactively Align Resources
    to Requirements
  • Lack of Alignment Between Key Requirements and
    the Activities Performed on a Day to Day Basis
  • Limited Visibility as to Who is Working on What
    and When
  • Multiple Versions of Reality Gleaned from a Wide
    Array of Systems, Spreadsheets and Emails
  • High-Level Skills Spent on Low Priority Activities
  • Data that is not Sufficiently Timely, Accessible
    or Actionable
  • Lack of Accountability
  • Limited Ability to Assess Individual
    and Group Performance
  • Frustrated Customers, Bosses, Suppliers
    and Employees