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Centris Consulting, Inc. a leading productivity and supply chain consulting firm has announced Ctrac, an enterprise mapping process to facilitate merger integrations, large scale enterprise system implementations and business transformation initiatives.

“Clearly, there is a lot involved in managing major organizational changes”, said Centris CEO, David Nape. “The work required to create enterprise maps, which involves aligning functions and activities, setting up the appropriate systems interfaces and security clearances, and determining skills capabilities and training requirements along can be huge, and frankly, tedious”. “There are all
kinds of costs related to this”, Nape continued, “the time and effort involved in doing it is one thing, but when you don’t get it right it can take a long time to fix and the impact to performance can really be insidious.”

“These activities usually don’t get the attention they deserve”, commented Godfrey Jones, Vice President of Operations. “Most enterprise systems implementations concentrate on the application, systems functionality and data components of the initiative. There is much less emphasis ensuring the organizational roles and functions are where they need to be. We believe this is one of the main reasons ERP solutions have not delivered the expected business benefits in many cases. If the system and organization are misaligned the results
will be suboptimal”, Jones added.

“We see similar issues in mergers and consolidations”, Jones continued, “From an operations perspective, the whole value proposition is based on creating efficiencies and greater synergy. It seems obvious on the face of it, however. Most mergers don’t deliver the expected outcomes, and many consolidations can’t sustain required performance levels. It’s a well established fact. The question is why?”

“There are lots of examples of business transformation and organizational realignment projects coming up short as well,”. Explained Jones, “We believe a big part of it comes down to alignment and details. What looks good at 20,000 feet can be pretty frightening up close. The problem is the tools and processes used for getting up close aren’t very efficient. Mergers, consolidations and enterprise systems implementations work on tight time schedules. In most cases, there isn’t enough time (or resources) to do the job properly using current processes.”

CEO David Nape added, “Most people involved in these initiatives understand this. Business and mission realities simply don’t allow the time to really get this right in many situations. These organizations can spend years trying to work through the problems caused by not doing it right in the first place”.

The beauty of Centris Ctrac lies in its efficiency and ease of use. This methodology simplifies a wide range of enterprise mapping requirements and provides the level of detail needed for successful outcomes. Ctrac provides a comprehensive database for organizational cross-walks, positions, roles, functions, systems interfaces, security clearances, relevant business processes, metrics, critical success factors, training documents and skills requirements.

“We see a real need for this methodology”, concluded Nape. “It significantly enhances our consulting capabilities and value we can deliver to organizations in transition. Used in combination with our business analysis and organizational transformation processes we can reliably deliver the outcomes our clients need in the most challenging environments”.

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